Recent Projects

Teton Gravity Research: GoPro Athlete Series Season 2 Introduction


This 14-second I created was used at Teton Gravity Research. It served as the introduction to the second season of their original Athlete Series. The Athlete Series season had more than 8 episodes that were aired […]

Teton Gravity Research: Garmin GPS Commerical

While I was a winter production intern at Teton Gravity Research (2011-2012), we pitched a commercial concept to Garmin GPS. This was one of the pitches I edited. It was never endorsed by Garmin, but […]


This is a 30-second example of a graphic that could be used as a heads up display when composited into other scenes. I worked on this while taking online courses for graphics and compositing through FXPHD. […]

Young professional with a love for the outdoors and a passion for digital technology. From concept to delivered product, I am armed with a wide skill set, outgoing personality, and a strong work ethic. If it’s for a job opportunity, or just to catch up, lets get in touch!

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